Hannah Grace Coaching

Steven L.

"When I first met Hannah, I could quite fairly be described as an anxious bundle of nerves. Her expert tutelage has given me the strength to face my demons, bringing new perspective and allowing me to become happier, healthier, and more productive. 

Hannah has taught me techniques to address simple issues like how best to face each new day - a previously impossible task. I have learnt techniques like mindfulness, stress management and how to see myself differently.

I have found Hannah to be a model of trust, discretion and professionalism. I felt at ease with her very quickly despite my having trust issues. The value of my time with her has been immense as I now find myself on an upwards spiral and so I couldn’t recommend her coaching highly enough."

Louise, London

"As a high functioning person with Bipolar Disorder, I have had periodic struggles with anxiety and rapidly fluctuating moods and energy levels. 

Coaching with Hannah gave me tools to address these which have worked like nothing I have ever tried before. The tools were individually tailored, due to her ability to tune into her clients and apply her expertise to their situation.  

I have turned around difficult and stressful circumstances during the time of my coaching because I was able to hold my anxiety in check and find the right course of action with a clear mind, and now have a clear sense of my direction looking ahead. 

I would recommend Hannah's work to those who are struggling with anxiety and/or mood disorder."


"Hannah has helped me beyond belief with my self esteem and self worth - I’ve been looking for someone like this my whole life. She is a total positive influence, inspiration and amazing motivator. 

Hannah breaks down strategies in a way that makes sense and feels doable. I have real belief in my future now.

I’m months away from finally qualifying as a psychologist and I couldn’t have done it without her."

Ben D.

"​Hannah was absolutely fantastic. She listened to me and helped me to make informed choices following constant holistic appraisals. 

Thank you Hannah! She has helped me through a very stressful and emotional period at work. I am much more able to work my role and know how to limit stress factors and concentrate what is important in my job."

Monica L.

"Dear Hannah, 

I’ve been thinking about what we discussed on relationships and I’ve finally figured things out and am ready to move on from my last dating experience!

I now know that I can find security in myself instead of controlling or seeking reassurance from a partner.

I am now working on fulfilling my dreams and becoming the person I want to be, and I will encourage my future partner to do the same so we will be in a healthy relationship! 

I’m not scared of starting a new relationship anymore - thank you!"


"Just wanted to drop you an email to say that I am now on my second day working in my new job. 

Without your help over the last year I doubt I would have got here. Thank you."


"When I started working with Hannah my head was all over the place and I was completely overwhelmed by life.

Hannah made it really clear where to start and she had strategies at her fingertips to help me get going.

My time management and organisational skills have improved no end, and I know what I’m focussed on now and how I’m going to get there. 

I used to be a very negative person. The more sessions I have with Hannah, the more empowered I’ve become, and I’ve definitely become more positive and resilient."

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